Beautiful Vietnam is also famous as the best family-friendly vacation destination in the world.

From white sandy beaches and terrific hotels to historic sites, cultural experiences, and outstanding shopping, there's simply too much on offer in this tropical paradise for visitors.

If you're still not sold on the idea of visiting the country, if you find yourself wondering what it is that truly distinguishes Thailand from other tropical getaways around the globe, here are several reasons why the Kingdom is such a popular spot among travelers.


Our resort is a popular 5-star beach resort located on the beautiful Cam Ranh beachfront of Vietnam.

Local celebrities, singers, actors, and media personalities regularly stay here for short breaks and family vacations.

You will appreciate the large pavilions and suites, which offer plenty of space for anything you want to do. On top of the usual beach resort luxuries that other resorts offer, our resort has its own splash park, the biggest pools in Cam Ranh, a mini golf court, a motorized water sports center, a cinema, amphitheatre, and a lot more to make the best of your vacation.

Whether you seek complete relaxation or fun-filled activities, you can have it your way at our resort in Gem Kosher.

“A Natural Wonder of the World,
with Thousands of Limestone Islands & Cliffs,
Emerging from the Turquoise Sea.”



Come and enjoy a Kosher Trip in our 5-star Alma Resort in Camh Rahn, Vietnam.

Passover 2023 takes place from April 3rd to April 16th.

Enjoy The culture, the food, the beaches, the parties, but most of all the breathtaking views and sites!

Our Resort offers numerous attractions and activities for both kids and adults.

We offer a culinary experience with Mehadrin Kosher meals from the Vietnamese cuisine!

Next Passover takes place between April 3rd to the 16th, 2023 - SAVE THE DATE


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